Just live

About the poem

I wrote this poem for the main reason that I found people (including myself) worrying about trying to be happy and create a happy future which started to overshadow the present and what was happening now. We always find ourseleves to busy and so focused on the path to happiness that we constantly ignore the happiness that is already around us. We need to stop worrying about how happy we want to be and forget to look at all the joys that are around us already. We all need to start learning how to be happy with what we already have. Yes there’s nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself but don’t let trying to make a happy living take over your life and you forget to live. Very little is needed when you start to analyse what truly matters in your life, just a change of perspective on your views can make a vast diffrence  to your peace. Try this little exercise, watch the news whenever you get a chance and really look at some of the stories and compare them to your cicumstances. It will put things in to perspective how joyful and peaceful your life already is.

So stop trying so hard to be happy and just live


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