About the journal

I wrote this journal with the sole intention of spreading a simple message, we are not defined by our looks and we should not let things like mirrors put us down. A mirror is only a reflection of what is on the surface. True beauty will come when you start to understand that beauty is not defined by your physical appearance.

I understand that we live in a time, a society where a decision and judgment is made about who you are based on your looks. This happens way before you have even had the chance to speak to someone. But think of it as a positive, if someone doesn’t bother to get to know you and makes an instant judgment based on your looks then it’s a good thing, you don’t need people like that in your life. If the people around you are only there becuase of your looks then they won’t be around for long becuase beauty will fade but your words and soul will not.

I only say this becuase your beauty will only attract the eye of others but your beautiful soul will attract other beautiful soul. So show the world that there are many layers to you then just your outside shell. There are so many people out there who absolutely  love you just they way you are, so you need to start loving yourself just the way you are.

You are a beautiful soul



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