About the journal

I was once told to try and forget, forget all the memories and move on. Its not that i dwell on the past, I have moved on. But there are times where those meories crop up, it can be the smallest of things, like a smell, a meal or a word. And to forget all the happy memories would be silly. It’s not that I want the person back in my life but we’re not enemies either so I though why should I forget. We must remember there’s a diffrence between remembering good times and dwelling on the past with what if’s.

To forget would mean to regret, and we shouldnt regret a day in our lives. To regret would mean you regret the person you have become. So never ever regret and try not to forget those memories, who you have become and where you have been. Every situation we have been in, every memory we have made, should not be forgotten. Good memories provide us with happiness and bad situations provide us with experience and lessons. Every memory and situation we have has a meaning, this has moulded us the way we are in the present. These memories makes us who we are, right down to the smallest detail. If we start to forget and wished we could change what happend then we wouldn’t be the person we are today. Live your life without regrets and using those memories as lessons and experience. Wear those memories with pride not regret.

To forget would mean to regret. To regret would mean you question who you are and where you have come.


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