About the journal

The past is not something to regret and future is not something to be feared. All you need to concentrate on is the present, what is going on around you now, at this present moment in time while you read this. There is so much beauty around you at this moment in time that it would be a crime for you not to recognise this while you think about something that happend or something that has not happend yet. So concentrate on now and absorb the beauty and happiness that is already around you, even those little things like the sun, the moon and the air. The swaying leaves on a crisp spring morning.


Why are you worrying about the past, something that has passed, something that no longer exists. Yes we all think about the past and memories we have gained. Thinking about the past with reflection on lessons we have learnt, no matter how good or bad we have learnt something along the way. But to dwell on the past with what if’s and what could have been is a complete waste of time and energy.


Why are you worrying about the future, something that has not happend. You worry about what’s going to happen in a years time or 5 years time, making up scenarios and situations with your imagination on what could happen. When  you don’t even know what’s going to happen next week or tomorrow. As they say tomorrow is not promised, the only thing that is written in stone and guaranteed for the future, from the moment you are born is death.


Just concentrate on now, this very moment becuase it will be a time you will never be able to relive it. Use your present time wisely, don’t waste it with would’ve, should’ve, could’ve or what will happen tomorrow. Live your present, the now to the fullest and don’t waste a moment that you’ll never relive.

Final thoughts

Think about all those those things you think about or worry about on a daily basis. Are they things that should really matter? Those little things you worry about, the past or the future can be blow out of proportion by your imagination. When you put those little things in to perspective you will realise that it shouldn’t matter.

Concentrate on now



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