The Little Book of Peace: Finding Tranquillity in a troubled world by Tiddy Rowan

The Little Book of Peace: Finding Tranquillity in a troubled world by Tiddy Rowan Review

So to tell the truth I brought this book on an impulse during Christmas 2016 whilst I was doing present shopping. As I was going to pay for the number of books I still yet have to read. This little book of peace caught my eye instantly and though it would make a great present after reading the first few pages. Well guess what, after reading a bit more before wrapping it I had a selfish idea, I’m going to keep this for myself becuase I fell in love with the short but punchy messages that stuck a cord.

Tiddy Rowan wrote this book whilst on her travels in Paris after the attacks in the Bataclan theater and near by cafes. After the attacks she goes In search on how to achieve greater peace with the help of experts and great thinkers.

This little book of peace, packed full of various life lessons. Life lessons which provides short but sweet messages, getting you to think and see things diffrently. Trying to help you threw this chaotic world we live in to find your peace.  She puts together this amazing little book helping you find peace threw a large array of ideas such as food, compassion and mindfulness.

The book is great becuase I find myself constantly going back and re reading it in times of craziness. I’ve actually  lost count of the number of times I have read the book. On some ocasssions I find myself opening the book on a random page as each page and lesson is as good as the last.

This is a wonderful book I’ve brought for a number of people as the ideal gift including family members and friends. It’s also the perfect gift for non readers as the book is not lenthy  with each messages providing a short but punchy lessons to take on board. So give the book a go and see where it takes you, you’ll be suprised how much of a BIG help this little book will be.


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