Own your mind.

About the journal

Don’t allow people to get in to your head with their actions or words. Your kind is yours and yours alone, it’s  something you own and only you alone should have control over what goes on in your head. Don’t  let covers at ions,  disagreements or words, maybe something someone might of said in a moment of anger get in to your head.

You can’t control what a person does or says but you can control if it’s  important to loose sleep over and how you react to a situation. Sometimes no reaction can be the best reaction.

Don’t hold on to those words someone might of said to you and overthinking it, it’s the person that plants the seed of negativity in your head but it’s you that waters and grows the negativity. So don’t hold on to the thoughts and situations until it consumes you and starts making you bitter.Tell yourself that these words that are thrown at me are just words and I am the master of my thoughts.



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