Let go


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If someone has walked away from you for whatever reason then do not fall to their feet and ask them to stay. Someone who found it so easy and simple to walk away from you, as bitter as this may sound they didn’t not care about you. Even if they did care about you it may have not been as much as you though, your love for them may of been higher.

I know you’ve been contemplating it for a long time, thinking should I wait or should I put these ties to rest. If you’ve been feeling like this for a while, then it’s time to let go. It’s time to move on becuase this person you’re  still waiting for is no longer the person you once knew.

Now it’s going threw that complicated process of letting go of that person, as easy as it sounds it needs to be done if you have been left stranded. For most of you reading this it won’t  have been the first time this has happen, if it is the first then for some it needs to be done quickly like ripping off a bandage, for some it needs to be a slow process. With out a doubt it will be a hard process to go threw and maybe even a long one depending on the hurt caused. Just trust the process of letting go your mind and body will help you through it but there is things you can mentally and physically fo.

The first step of letting go is to stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop thinking it’s all your fault or you are to blame for the break up. Stop overthinking everything and trying to understand why things happend the way they did and trying to find an answer. It happend they way it happend becuase it was meant to be like that.

You will have a couple bad days or a week or so, do whatever you need to do to get your pain out. Cry if you need to, scream, junk out or go for a run but once you have gone through that initial stage you should move on from it and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

You should never go back to that initial stage of feeling sorry for yourself becuase you’re only making it harder for yourself. Remind yourself that this is life and in life you will have your ups and downs, but you spending your time crying over the past is only going to waste your own time in the present. Tell yourself that if this person walked away from you so easily do you think they’re spending their time sitting in a corner crying.

One way I get through the process of letting go is concentrating on facts and what has actually happend, not letting my emotions overcome my intelligence. Is someone has made the choice of letting you go, walking away, saying goodbye whatever it was, they have sent out a very clear message to you. Do not hang on to those emotional memories and happy times you may of had which means you still cling on to the memory of the person and the past.

Don’t be afraid to write your feelings down, I say it’s very important to keep a journal or diary. It allows you to remove the thoughts from your mind. This way you can go back and read how you felt at the time, this will allow you to remind  yourself how you felt at the time just in case they try to re enter your life.

Start letting go, it’s important to let go. I believe everything happens for a reason. People come and go, change with the times so you can learn to let go. Things will go wrong sometimes so that when they go right it will be a bigger achievement  to appreciate.

There’s nothing worse than been taken for a fool and someone trying to get away with it, sometimes you’ll be drawn in to believing lies so that eventually you will learn to trust nobody but yourself. Tell yourself when something doesn’t work out for the best maybe it was meant to fall apart becuase something better will fall together.

I believe it’s important to let go of the past. Letting go is a healthy habbit that you should consciously practise, try it with letting small things go first. Things that serve no purpose anymore, tell yourself that everthing does not last forever. You can not control everything in your life and that’s perfectly fine.

Let me tell you something else abut letting go, letting go is also about acceptance and forgiveness. This means forgiving others and not being bitter about whatever has happend. whatever has happen has happend for a reason, some reasons you may not understand and to be be honest sometime don’t  need to understand them. Resentment consumes space in your mind and blocks clarity, like I said before intelligence over emotions in the process of letting go.  Forgiveness also means forgiving yourself and accepting what has happend no matter how bad. Release and let go of the past, thank it for happening, thank it for directing you on to a new path and then let it go

A mantra that I use on a regular basis when I need to let go;

I am who i am becuase of my experiences in life, becuase of my past. No matter how good or bad these situations, it has made me who I am. So if it weren’t for these experiences and teachings I wouldn’t be where I am. So if you were part of these experiences and teachings I want to thank you. I want to thank my past and the people in it for making me a stronger and wiser person. I did the best I could at the time  and now it’s time to let it go, move on. I will start concentrating on the present.


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