Now is not forever

About the journal

The situation that you’re in at the moment is not forever, it’s time will pass and you will be in a better place, it doesn’t mean you will not face other challanges. We all face challanges in life everyday and they can be ever changing. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by these challanges especially when you’re hit with them in one go.

You need to remind yourself that a lot these situations are there to provide us with lessons and knowledge, to test us. A lot of these challanges we face for the first time so that next time we are better able to deal with and cope with these challanges through looking at past experiences. As they say experiences make us wiser, well most of us becuase at times we can find ourselves facing the same challanges again and again. These are still life lesson which test us until we are able to deal with the situations better and also avoid bad situations.

One day you look back on these struggles and situations with laughter, thinking how you almost broke down and gave up. Use this as a daily mantra to keep you going through your challanges;

my current situation is not forever.




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