Kai Restaurant Review.

Kai Restaurant Review 

In Saint Martins Square, Leicester I stumbled upon a gem of a restaurant which promotes eating well and I’ve absolutely fall in love with it.



I’m always  looking out for new places to eat at for lunch and dinner, after a very hardcore gym session I was wondering about near Saint Martins Square looking to eat somewhere for lunch, preferably somewhere which serves healthy food. As an avid gym goer I’m quite self concious about the food I intake and Kai is a place for just that.

As i was walking about the first thing that attracted me to the place was the simplicity of the outside and inside, plus they had buddha statues up. You know a place is going to be good when they have buddha statues up. I was loving the atmosphere in kai already, it was a Saturday afternoon it was busy but not overcrowded. I hate crowds as I like to eat in peace, relax and enjoy my food.


I was crazy hungry and after looking at the menu wanted to eat everything. I couldn’t decide what I wanted and being an indecisive person it usually takes me a while, I’m sure the lady came over about five time to take my order. After ordering a green tea and browsing the menu for a considerable amount of time I decided what to order. Im sure it was a zen buddha bowl but I can’t remember  the name but here it is;


Looks amazing right? Well it was, first thing that stood out to me was the presentation of the food which was amazing, picture perfect if you ask me. You can tell they take pride and care in making their food. After taking several pictures(as you do, especially with a dish like this) I actually dived in and the first bite I took was of the tofu. I love tofu but eating it out can be a bit risky as sometimes it doesn’t taste of anything but this was the opposite, it had loads of flavour which is quite rare to find in a restaurant.

I was loving the whole dish, it was surrounded with carrots and cucumber sliced thinly and roasted sweet potatoes, this all sat on and around a bed of noodles. The dish felt super health and suprisingly I struggled to finish the dish as the portion size was humongous. The second time I went I order something similar which again was a buddha bowl, I think it was calldd kai buddha bowl.


The second time was just as good and maybe better than the first visit, this dish had bit more of a spicy kick but was just as healthy as the first. I order the tofu again but this time it sat on top a bed of brown rice surrounded by beetroot, mashed up avacado, kale spinach and roasted sweet potatoes slices. Again I struggled to finish the large portion of the dish, I actually started questioning who I was as I can usually finish all my food.

Overall I very much enjoyed my experience at Kai and will be definitely  making a trip down again to try something new. Kai is great for a range of diets as they cater for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans, it’s a great place if you’re after healthy, good clean food. As they say eating good food is a form of self love and respect. The prices vary but are very resonable for what you get, especially for the portions sizes. You can be looking to spend between £10 and £13 per person. Dishes like the buddha bowls you pay extra on top for your protien for example tofu, salmon or chicken but you can order the bowls without them.

The Menu



Kai also does a range of other dishes from breakfast, brunch, salads, sandwhichs, curries and other dishes, I’m sure they also serve alcohol. The opening times vary so make sure check before you set out, I was quite lucky to be able to walk in at a good time both times. So check out Kai the next time you’re looking for a place to for lunch or dinner in Leicester City Centre. I can say with a huge amount of confidence that Kai is very special and it’s very rare to come across a gem like this.


4 Saint Martins Square,




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