Moving on and the power of a journal.

About the journal

On many ocasssions we find ourselves looking back on past events, situations and memories in moments of for example solitude or reminiscing. Looking back on these moments can be fun and bring smiles to our faces but what I want to talk about is those moments we look back on with regret, sadness, with what if’s, anger and even bitterness.

I used to (not a very long time ago) find myself looking back on situations in moments of solitude with sadness, anger and thinking why me. I found myself doing this quite often and it’s one of the many reasons I started writing in a journal. It took me a while but I had to, at the beginning tell myself out loud  “just forget it, move on. There’s nothing  I can do about it now”. This is why switching to a journal was a benifit to me as I didn’thave to say things like that loud, I was able to outmh thoughts on paper.

I found switching from a diary, where I was writing about events and how I felt. Rambling on about how sad I felt and always end or started my entry with how crap my day was.I decided to start writing in a journal after some research and watching a Robin Sharma video(Robin Sharma on journals.)

After watching the video I decided to make my journals reflective pieces, what I was thankful for and what I had learnt. This helped massively in helping me to move on and if I find myself looking back on situations I would think about what I had learnt from these events. I still write about how I felt but it was more constructive rather than ramblings. By constructive I mean I wasn’t writing through anger and sadness but rather with my mind not emotions. Here is how I use my journals and how I input my entries;

1. Even in bad situations writing about what I’m thankful for.

2.  What I have learnt from a situation, writing down a situation and breaking it down can help you process a situation better.

3. It will help you understand events that may taken place better. It may even give you a better perspective of the other person view.

4. You can write down what you would do if the situation ever occurs again, it will be your guide in negative situations and help calm your mind. You’ll  be able to realise your own flaws, allowing you to understand others and their flaws better too.

5. It’s amazing to look back on your entries and you’ll  realise how much you have developed and learntI use my journals as pieces to help guide me on my path and what my next step wI’ll be. Using my journal as a life compass, helping you become better at problem solving.

6. once my entry is made I feel lighter as I feel as though I have pulled it out of my mind and put it to paper. That way I’m able to move on easier. The way I can best derive it is that scene from harry potter, where Dumbledore removes a memory from his mind and places it in to a bottle.

These are the some of the ways I use my journals but I’ll be writing another piece which will go in to more detail.

Let me tell you this though there’s nothing wrong with looking back on the past and reminding yourself of lessons learnt but do not sit and dwell on the past with anger,you will only be wasting your own time.Looking back with anger and bitterness can a very time consuming and have massive effects on your peace. So moving on IS the best thing you can do, the secret of moving on is not fighting the past but just letting it be. Not trying to change it but change your mind set so you concentrate on NOW, the present in just being. It is not to say that you must forget, forgetting would be stupid of you, it would mean you don’t value your experiences and what you have learnt and the knowledge you have gained. As they say, forgive but do not forget your lessons.

Now i use my journals to help remind me what I’m thankful for and all the blessing I have around me in the present, i could go on for ages about the benifits and how I use my journal but the best way to learn and find your own feet is get writing yourself. I urge you all to give writing journals and see the diffrence it make in your life. It will be hard at first to put pen to paper and write words but it will be the best thing you do. It will actually help you get a better understanding of situations, yourself and help you to move on. It will help clear your mind and bring more peace to you. It will actually show you how much of a stronger person you have become and how much you have overcome. It will focus your attention back to the present, the now and your goals.

Move on and concentrate on now, on you.


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