Stop making excuses.

About the journal

You need to stop making excuses and defending your own actions in the pursuit of your goals, it’s only going to hold you back another day, week, month, another year in achieving  your goals. Once you set your mind to it you’ll realise that you achieving your goals is that far away.


A lot of us often find ourselves making excuses and sometimes they can be quite petty and silly like I’m too tired, or its too late in the day, it’s Friday or its the weekend etc etc. Some excuses can be things that we have put in to our minds or talked ourselves  in to for example I dont come from a good background and it’s not possible to be successful or I don’t have a good education or degree. We often find ourseleves making a number of excuses when really it’s all just lies you tell yourself to get out of doing what’s important.

Just becuase it’s Friday it doesn’t mean you put your goals on hold until monday, just because it’s 6pm and you’re clocking out it doesn’t mean you put your goals on hold that evening and wait until the next morning.

Your thinking needs to change, you need to start getting out of those old reoccurring habits and excuses that serve no purpose anymore, it’s just holding you back from moving forward. If you’ve got goals you want to achieve then just going with the flow day to day. Your mind set needs to change if you want to progress and achieve your goals, you need to re programme your mind and embrace some change in your life. At the beginning it will be hard to get out of old habits and you will make excuses on why shouldn’t or why you can’t do it today but your going to have to force yourself and do things diffrently.

You need to startout by completing a task daily which will get you closer to your goal, however small it doesn’t matter.Small steps daily  will get you one step to your goals which will mean you will achieve your goals quickier than you think, that way you will be able to set new goals.

Goals are achieved through passionk drive, dedication, commitment and consistency. Goals aren’t achieved through making excuses but always trying to push soo you’re one step closer to your goals no matter what time of the day or week. No matter how your feeling, if you’re sad, tired or hungry. You’re goals don’t care how you feel, your goals will always be out of reach until your thinking starts to change.

You not being where you want to be in life should be enough motivation for you to want to achieve and not make excuses.

Nobody but you is going to help you achieve your goals so get committed and stop making excuses.



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