Saints of Mokha Review

Saints of Mokha Review

I went to Saints of Mokha today in Leicester and I felt like a kid in a sweet shop. Saints of Mokha is packed full of character and good vibes. They’ve made drinking tea and Coffee fun again with lots of vibrant colours and great unique tastes.


I’ve been wanting to go to Saints of Mokha for a while now but never got around to it until today. I first heard about them from friends but all i was is, it was “a new coffee shop”. After I had seen some photos of on instagram that some else had posted I though I had to go, it was a must. I went to Saints of Mokha this morning and realised this isn’t any old  run of the mill coffee shop. It’s much more than that and I’m going to explain to you why.

I turned up excited out side Saints Of Mokha to try their menu, it was quite funny but I was their before they even opend, that’s how excited I was. Once they opend you could tell that they have built a good reputation for themselves as the small premersis started filling up with people and orders. I could already tell that this was going to be good before I even orderd. The premersis is small but it’s full of massive character as the pictures show.




My first order was this, a Matcha Latte and a avacado on sourdough toast. The avacado on toast was as you would expect it to be but it’s always a winner, you can never go wrong with it.



The stand out star in this order was the Matcha Latte,  it went down a absolute  treat. You could tell the care and love taken to make the latte was very high. I love a Matcha Latte and this was done very well, it had a great sweet taste to it with the added health benifits of the Matcha. If you love a Chai Latte you will enjoy this. The cup that it also comes in reminds me of home as we use the same cups, it’s  a great touch.


After finishing my Matcha Latte I though I’ll go for a second drink and it happend again I was just staring at the menu of tea’s thinking I don’t know what I want(when it comes to food and drinks I never know what to order becuase I want every thing and that’s not really feasable) , I asked for a recommendation from the person making the coffee. He said if you enjoy cakes(I do enjoy a cake, who doesn’t?), in particular a red velvet cake you will enjoy the red velvet Latte. So I gave it a go and I wasn’t  disappointed,  it was like the cake but in a drink and it put a smile on my face. If you enjoy a red velvet I urge you to give this a go you will have the same smile on why drinking it.


This was only my first trip to Saints of Mokha but I throughly enjoyed it. The coffees and tea’s are full of life and character,  you definitely  get your money’s worth. I will definitely  be making a trip down very very soon to try more off their fabulous menu and do more of an updated review. I was so excited about the drinks I had to post something quickly.


Saints of Mokha in a great location right near the city centre (Click here for location and other information.) and right by a range of restruants as well, they’re  open from 9:30pm to 7:30pm most days but check the opening times before you head out. If you’re in the area or want to try great coffee and tea’s  please make a trip down to Saints of Mokha, trust me you won’t  be disappointed. You definitely  won’t find another place like this in Leicester.


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