10 Morning habits

We all have our morning routines but here’s 10 habits to start doing in the morning to get your day started, on a better more positive note.



Wake up early

I think waking up early is very important, well for me waking up at 7am would be late but for some that would be mega early. I try to start my day as early as I can so I can make the most of my day, trying to get the most out of everyday. This in turn means going to bed at a good time, going sleep late will have a knock on effect on the next morning. I would say getting 8 hours of sleep is probably the most an adult needs, but even 6 hours would be sufficient enough. Waking up early doesn’t  mean I charge in to my day head first but rather I sit at the edge of my bed for a few minutes and allow my body to wake up as well. Waking up early also gives me time to get vital things in to my morning, like a workout, breakfast,  a journal entry and a small amount of meditation and mindfulness.  You’ll  realise not  waking up on time and early enough will have a knock on effect with the next points.

Don’t snooze your alarm

The age of a free standing clocks are now gone, well I still have one which is mainly as back up. Yes I do struggle to wake up like many of us do but I make it my aim to get up on my first alarm and not hit the snooze button. Once that alarm rings you should wake up even if you’re  feeling sluggish. Don’t  just lie in bed wasting your time. Be productive and start your day without delay. You’ll feel more satisfied when you go to sleep at the end of the day when you’ve been productive with your day. Snoozing your alarm and going back to sleep is a bad idea too if you’re  tired , it can make you feel sluggish, more tired and sometimes worse than getting up early. A good trick is to set your alrm on your phone and then place it on the otherside of the room before you get in to bed. This will mean when it rings in the morning you will have to get out of bed to switch it off. This will help with the urge of snoozing and going back to sleep. You should be trying to do the same so don’t hit that snooze button and go back to sleep.

Don’t reach for your phone the instant you wake up

We all have mobile phones and the majority of us keep our alarms on our phones. Once we’ve switched our alarms off many of us including me have the urge to check our messages, mail and other notifications. Well what I’ve started doing is switching my phone alarm off and placing face down so I can’t see all my notifications. This will get rid of the impulse to sit on your phone and making you late for your day. Instead it will free you up to do other things like instead of spending 10 mins on your phone why not take 10 mins out to meditate. Placing your phone on do not disturb is another good way of not sit ting on your phone, this way it still allows emergency calls to come through.

Make your bed

When we wake ip in the morning we tend to usually sit on our phones or head straight to the bathroom. Most people usually wake up with enough time to just about get ready in time and get to work. This means you end up rushing around leaving out things like having having breakfeast or making your bed. You should always make your bed in the morning, getting organised and having enough time to do so will set the tone for the rest if your day. Plus it’s always nice to come home to a made bed, it always feels a lot more comfotable when it’s  been made in the morning. Making your bed in the morning also means it will make your room look more tidy and maybe encourage you to tidy the rest of your room. Having a messy room can mean it will have a effect on your mood and if you work in your room you won’t  be able to concentrate. Overall doing your bed will just make you feel better, trust me give it a ho.

Hot water with a slice of lemon

Something I’ve started having on a regular basis, this also works well before bed too but the health benifits are massive is having a mug of hot water and lemon slice. Some people also add honey or other ingredients. You’re thinking something so simple and easy to make with minimum ingredients, what benifits will it really have, well firstly it helps massively with digestion and detox. It also helps with weightloss and giving you better looking skin. There’s  so many health benifits to it worth reading about but you should definitely  give it a go. Please make sure you let the hot water cool slightly, don’t just dive in otherwise you’ll have a burnt tounge and it will ruin your day. Instead why not go sit in your garden or bed room. Enjoy the moment and relax, drinking tea and thinking about nothing else but being in the moment with your tea, this can be a form of meditation and mindfulness.

Have a good breakfast

Having a good breakfast  is very important, it’s the same as putting your clothes on in the morning, Your body wouldve been fasting for about 6 hours and your last meal would’ve been dinner the night before. I make sure I have breakfast  before I leave the house in the mornings, with work it can be a bit crazy so you never know when your next will be so breakfast is a good way of keeping me going till lunch and keeping my energies up. Another good trick is to have something light like some nuts or fruit before bed so your body has something to eat over night so you’re not really hungry in the morning.

5 min meditation and journal writing

I usually either meditate or write a quick journal entry. Sometimes I’ll try and do both, writing a journal entry will help me get motivated. In the mornings I try to write positive things down, I save my more in depth journals until the evening to reflect. Writing a journal entry will set my day up in a positive manner and get me motivated for the day. Meditating in the morning is vital for me more than my morning journal entry. Meditating will help me relax my mind and get me ready for the day especially if I’m going to work where it will be high pressure, intense and busy.

Listen to some music

My music is always on from the minute I wake up, until I leave the house, I usually play diffrent things, something more upbeat when I’m getting out of bed and in the bathroom to get me going. When I’m writing or meditation it’ll  be some sort of meditating  or chillout music. I find listening to upbeat music in the morning or even chill out music can help you get motivated and relax at the same time. It can take your mind off your day for a moment to relax and having a cheeky dance in your room while you get ready is always good, don’t worry nobody going to judge you on your moves, nobody can see you. Music can help you bring out your happiness in the morning.


I workout at least 4 or 5 times a week on a minimum and that’s a jour and a half intense session, but that’s not for everyone.  Everyone should be exercising in one form another, if this means taking a walk, swimming or a home exercise. Morning workouts can have massive benifits but it’s not for everyone. Some people prefer going for a workout in the afternoon on their lunch break or some in the evening, I even know of people who go in the middle of the night to the gym. It gives  them the whole gym where they are able to workout in peace. What time you go for a workout or the time of day is entirely up to you. For me morning workouts is key, even if i have to wake up at 4am, it’s hard waking up but once I’m at the gym and finished my workout I feel energised and focused for the day. Working out will also help you sleep better at night and helps you relax. It’ll help you improve your  mood and reduce stress and anxiety. It also helps with the obvious health benifits like keeping you in shape and healthy.

Leave 5 mins early

Always leave the house 5 mins early if you need to go somewhere, it’s not a bad thing if you get there earlier than needed. 5 mins can make a massive diffrence, that way you’re not rushing around to get to your bus or road raging in your car. Leaving early will alow a bit of movement in your morning to get somewhere, that way you’re able to relax and get to your destination in peace.

Take on these simple and easy to do a daily habits in to your daily routines, see how more positive your day starts.








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