This is my path.

This is your path, a path that is yours and yours alone. A path that can not be travelled or compared to someone elses, so my question to is you why do you compare your path to others?



Firstly when I say path I mean the journey you will undertake in your life, from when you’re born to when you die. This path that you will travel will take many courses and will lead to other diversions, redirections, obstacles and bumps. This path will provide you with experiences and lessons, this path you travel will be your teacher and guide, no matter how good or bad it provide you with lessons nobody else will be able to provide.

One thing that you need to start realising is the path you travel is unique to you and no two paths are idetical, no matter how much it may seem it on the surface. Some of our goals maybe similar on the surface, for example progressing in your career, getting married, creating a family, buying a house but these goals will have more depth to it on a indivisual  basis.

Many of us have the habit of comparing our own path to others, forgetting all paths are diffrent. Many of us do this becuase we have been told and taught we must achieve, complete and accomplish certian things by a certain age and time. We compare our own achievements to others and forget we are individuals and unique in our goals and identity.

So you need to start understanding and say to yourself whenever you find  the seed of comparison of growing, ” I am on my own path, this is my path and I am where I need to be in this present momement”. On many ocasssions I remind people who find themselves saying things like “I should be settled down” or “have a good job”, that  you will reach certian goals, milestones and achievements  in your own time, that you are on your own path and in this moment in your life you are is exactly where you need to be.

I tell many people don’t worry too much about your current location on your path, your path is teaching you a lesson that you needs to be learnt. It will keep repeating the lesson to you until you have learnt your lesson but you are still moving forward so don’t worry, you’re not on an island, it’s a path to travel. The path is helping you get towards a destination, you will have good lessons and as many bad lessons. Life isn’t  picking on you or out to get you, it is just teaching you until you get where you need to be and you will get to where you need to be.

Sometimes it will feel like you’ve  fallen off your path or lost your way, but again you only doubt yourself because you compare yourself to others and this is where you remind  yourself you are on your own path. Sometimes we forget to realise that when a plan fails that we are being redirected to another path. The goal we had in mind was not for us, we have to remind ourselves that we are being shown a new path to something bigger and the only way we could reach this bigger goal is to fail at our previous one.

I want to finally end on reminding you that their is no final destination on this path, well only one thing is garunted at the end of the path which is death (that’ll be another conversation) but that  applies for everyone. However there is no final destination to you goals, once you reach your goal or your priorities change you will be lead and diverted  to a new path to guide you to your new goal. Each new path will teach you something vital you need to know, putting you in the right direction for your new lesson until you reach your goal. There is no right age or right time to achieve your goals or greatness, it will happen once you are ready.

You are on your own path which is yours and yours alone, don’t worry about what everyone else is doing.