Failure is not the end of the road.

We often get strung up and caught up with our failures in life, with what if’s and what could’ve been. Thinking it’s better to forget about our goal and move on to another. Telling ourseleves to give up on plans we set out to achieve. There’s this negative vibe that surrounds failure and we all have this idea that its a bad thing. We’ll it’s when you give up that’s when you have truly failed.


Failures and obstacles are great teachers and provide us with knowledge and teachings we would not be able to learn if we were to constantly be successful or give up. There are many people out there who have been very successful despite failing a number of times for example Walt Disney was turned away 302 times before he for financing for creating Disney land, Howard Schultz was turned away 242 times to finance Starbucks. Have a look at all these other success stories despite their failures:


These and many more people have been sucessful becuase they did not give up no matter how many times they failed. Imagine if these iconic people gave up on the 2nd or 3rd try, the world would be a very diffrent place.

Albert Einstein puts it beautifully in one of his quotes “failure is success in progress” and “you never fail until you stop trying”. We need to start reprogramming our minds and telling ourseleves failure is not a bad thing, it happens to all of us. Β Those us who do not fail are the ones who play it safe and don’t try anything new. We need to start understanding and accepting that failure and obstacles are things we will constantly meet during our journey to our goals, it’s part of the process to our success.

There are a number of things we must understand and realise when we fail otherwise you we will get caught up in your failures and think it’s better to give up. Firstly you need to realise that yes you’ve failed but gettinf all sad or blaming things or people will not help. Make sure you figure out logically where it went wrong and take note.

Failures will teach us lessons and in my experinces will keep repeating until we learn our lesson, so make sure you don’t fall for the same thing twice. Moving on from your your failures is also important, moving on I mean it’s important to not sit in a corner crying or beating yourself up. Move on, let go of the failure, take note of the lesson and move on. If the path you took didn’t work find a new path, a new way to get to your goal. Keep trying until your are successful becuase giving up will be your real failure.

You will be sucessful, don’t count your failures but count your lessons. Your real failure will be giving up on your goals.








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