Self love is key

What has your body done to you that you repay it with such negativity both mentally and physically. Your body should be at the top of your priorityΒ  list of care. Self love is important, so start looking after your body and it will so the same for you.

We need to start looking after our bodies and being more concious on what we take in to our bodies both mentally and physically that is bad for us. We take for granted how much our body does for us in both sickness, health and while we sleep.



Many of us abuse our bodies without even realising it, it can be the most simplest things as skipping meals or not drinking enough water because our work schedule is busy, watching silly things on television and getting drunk every weekend. It’s okay to have sometime off now and relax but doing this all the time will eventually take its toll on your body.

Many of us neglect our bodies, we on many ocasssions including myself put our health and mental health on the back foot, it some times ends up lower down on our priority list compared to other things in our lives. Something like caring for our internal and external health of our bodies is easily forgotten about by many of us. What we need to start doing is putting our internal and external health first, it should take the top spot on your priority list. Nobody else is going to look after your health as much as you can.

Below I’ve come up with a list of things to do to improve your self care and self love. It’s basic things you can do to look after your physical and mental health. These are very simple ideas we can practise on a daily basis, see what changes these simple ideas can bring to you and your life.


What are your thoughts on this list and is there anything else you would add?









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