Pho Leicester Review

Pho opend a few months ago in Leicester and here’s my review after trying out their vietnamese street food menu.

Pho opend it’s doors in September in Leicester by the highcross. I’ve visited the restaurant a number of times for lunch and dinner, It’s food is based around Vietnamese street food which is freshly prepared and served to you in a matter of no time.

As you enter I’ve found the service is very quick, even on a saturday we did expect a queue which was a given because it was Saturday. We were told there would be a wait but we weren’t waiting around for long as we were seated in a couple of minutes.




Pho doesn’t lack options on either lunch or main menu. There lunch menu  which is great value for money where you get a starter and a main for just £9.95 or you can order off the main menn which has options for meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans and also a kids menu. Check out the menus below.




So after hearing the news of the new branch opening and glancing over their website and instagram I decided to make my first visit to Pho after staring at the menue for a number of minutes a very friendly waiter came over and helped me decide, a bit wary of my decision because a bad meal can be upsetting I was at the edge of my seat before you knew it the food was out.



I orderd the Bún chay Huē and I was not disappointed. I mean the pictures do not do it any justice. You get your choice of Bun or Pho noodles, I went for the bun noodles, the dish was based in vegetarian broth which was packed with a punch. The dish also had a variety of vegetables  mushrooms and best of all tofu. The tofu was very diffrent in texture which I’ve never seen done before. An extra addition was the side plate of extra crunchy veg you get to add to your dish. The dish overall was on point and I ejoyed it, it’s one of the reasons I made the next few trips back.

A nice little edition to the table is the selection of condiments thy add to the table, it’s not just your average salt and pepper. They have a variety of condiments to add to your dishes for more flavour and spice.

The range of condiments are amazing which included a chilli and garlic vinegar, a chilli flake oil, fish sauce and a bottle of sir Acha hot chilli sauce.
For some one like me who loves a good spicy kick this was the perfect addition to the table. I’ve found other restaurants charge extra for a portion but here you can just help yourself to as much as you like. If you have never tried this sauce then you don’t know what you’re missing out on.


As for the food service well it’s like the staff have some sort of super powers. I though it was luck that my food came out so quick, maybe it was a quite day but they were just as fast the second, third and fourth time. It’s like they know what you want before you even know, once you’ve orders the food is out in minutes and your getting stuck in before you know it.

Pho isn’t you’re standard bowl of soup with noodles, it’s a unique, very healthy and delecious meal which can be eaten at anytime of the day.  They have a great range of dishes on their menu which is below and don’t be worry if you’re vegetarian or vegan they have dishes for you. Their vegetarian dishes do not lack flavour and taste just becuase they are vegetarian, I found the vegetarian dishes are very flavoursome and filling.

Don’t be fooled just because the service is quick it doesn’t mean they are cutting corners with the dish or lacking in flavour, every mouth full is as good as the last. Just please remember to breath between mouth fulls as you’ll just want to swallow the whole dish after the first taste.

I was back in pho sooner than I though and trying out other dishes on their menu. I was rold by a friemd to tey out thier sprimg rolls which were amazing, the stuffing was very unique and so was the pastry which was very crunchy as you would expect. It also came with a side portion of sweet chilli sauce.



The second dish I tried was the Pho nom rom was very similar to the first but the broth was very diffrent and it came with a range of diffrent mushrooms, I also went for the pho noodles this time.


The third visit I orderd from the lunch menu, I orderd the Bún: vermicelli noodles with tofu and mushroom. This was a wok fried noodle dish, it was quite similar to a tofu and mushroom noodle salad. It was very light and filling. Perfect for an afternoon lunch where you don’t want to weighed down by a heavy lunch. The dish came with a sweet chilli dressing and a vegtable spring roll which is always a bonus.


On my most recent visit I had ghe tofu and mushroom Pho Xào: wok fried noodles. Which was a basic stir fry with tofu and mushroom with a soya sauce. It wasn’t anything special but I guess with something basic like a stir fry you can’t go wrong.


After a number of visits to Pho and trying a variety of dishes I’ve enjoyed every visit as much as the first. Ive tried to spread the word of pho and my love for it to my friends and family with which I get the reply where’s that and what do they do but alll of those same people have come back to me with the same excitement as me. Friends and family members who have visited the restaurant have come back to me and joined the pho club and have told me their new found love for pho.


Give Pho a visit and let me know what you think.







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