Be your own motivator.

If you’re lacking motivation or reasons to get out of bed in the morning. If you’re feeling lazy or bogged down then this is the post for you and you’re going to become your own motivator because that’s all you need to make your dreams relaity.

Through reading many books, blogs and motivational talks I have noticed one very similar pattern that many of these motivators, inspirational talkers or whatever you would like to call them speak about. This pattern or to summarise is that the worst thing person could do is to let thier dreams die with them. The worst thing someone could do is to give up on thier dreams and settle for comfort over progress.

There’s one easy way of motivating yourself and becoming your own motivator. It’s a simple method that I use very often and frequently. Here is the simple method;

“Find your reason WHY.”

Give yourself that reason why and once you find that reason why don’t ever forget it. Don’t let anybody convince you otherwise or let you doubt your intentions. Hold on to that reason why, hold on to it as tight as you can and never let it go.

Once you work out your reason why remind yourself everyday what your goal is and make it your mission to achieve it. If you have to force yourself to see it, wrote it everywhere, stick it up on your room, on notice boards, in your diary. Be obsessive if you have, make it your new daily mantra, as if it was tattooed on your skin.

newproject_1_original-7.jpgOnce you’ve got your goal clear in your mind and why, you will give yourself direction and clarity, you will find it easier to motivate yourself and inspire yourself. You will become your own motivator by reminding youself of your goals and reasons why you started, even when you’re sad, happy, when you feel like giving up or feeling lazy you’ll use your reason why why you started out to motivate yourself. You’ll  remind yourself of the motivation and mindset you originally had when you first started out which will help you pick yourself back up again.

Your reason why will regaling your motivation and put you back on the path you need to be on. When people try to tell you otherwise of your goals, when they try to break you or bring you down from flying high. When they those non belivers try to throw logic and statements of what if’s,  that’s when you remind yourself of your goal and reason why. Don’t let anybody dictate your goals or reason why, don’t let them take your dreams away from you or dictate your goals.

Once you find that reason why it will help you through many struggles, ups and downs, good days and bad. Look in the mirror every morning and tell yourself your goals and reason why. When your goals are achieved still remind yourself of your goal and your reason why, remembering progression should never stop and you find a new goal and reason why.


Find your reason why, don’t let your dreams die with you.






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