Your failures are as important as your successes

We often convey failure as a bad thing in our lives, we often think if I fail it’s bad or my failures are bad things I must forget about. We often caught up in misinterpreting failure as bad ramifications of our attempts to pursue our dreams and goals. Well here’s why you’re wrong, your failures are as important as your successes maybe more so then you would like to think. 

You need understand and change your mind set in to understanding that you will fail from time to time and there is no avoiding it or getting around it. Don’t get bogged down in thinking why me or its always me. Like you, everybody else will also so fail from time to time and this is a normal occurrence,  it’s a part of life.

You need to start realising that your struggles and failures are your fuel in life. You need to realise that your failures are as important as your successes and they will both provide you with vital life lessons.

Those people who do succeed are those people who have used thier failures to thier advantage, those people who have that understanding to keep going and not quit just because they have hit a small hurdle. These successful people use thier failures to thier advantage and like them you should use your failures as motivation fuel to keep going. These successful people don’t get tied down with what if’s and looking at hindsights, they take action with their failures and look forward. They look at what can I do now to redirect myself back on to the right path, what can I do now to start moving forward again, quitting is not an option for a successful person.

Do not give up and quit, yes you might say sometimes it’s important to know when to quit and take a step back or away if things aren’t going right but are you using that as an excuse to go back to your comfort zone?

newproject_1_original-8.jpgImagine your life if you didn’t fail, if you didn’t have to struggle now and then to achieve what you want to, where everything was easy. Sounds pretty good right? Well I can tell you that without your struggles and failures you wouldn’t be very successful. If you didnt experince failures and everything was a easy ride, it would make you weak not physically but mentally. It would make you doubt yourself constantly and keep settling for comfort zones, you wouldn’t want to push youself to your limits, you wouldn’t want to overcome those barriers.

Without hardship you would constantly settle for average and second best becuase you would be scared and meantally weak with what if’s all your life becuase you would’ve not challanges yourself to over come your hurdles and struggles to accomplish what you want.

You’re struggles and failures are needed in your life, to deal with these situations of self battle will make you a stronger person. You will learn to take your failures as well as your successes as vital lessons that are needed to develop and progress in your life as rend towards your goals.

Take your failures, struggles, those painful moments, those painful moments and those fears under your wings as much as you do your successes ascended make them yours, ,ake them your teachers. Trust me you will thank youself for doing so because it will make you a stronger, a better you.

Don’t use your struggles and failures as an excuse  to quit and retreat to your comfort zone, let them be your teachers.



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