Help me help you.

Who am I?

This is going to sounds a bit cheesy but who I am and what my actual name is not important.I have not put my name anywhere on this website becuase I want my words to represent me and who I am. Help me inspire you.

How It all began.

Well it all started a couple of years ago, I would say about 2013. I started a personal diary to help me put my thoughts on to paper. I quickly found that I was constantly writing about negative points or just random ramblings. Generally these diary entries were very negative and demotivating. After a bit of research in to how to write a diary properly I came across a person called Robin Sharma. In one of his videos  he explained part of his daily route involved writing in a journal which included reflective pieces (what he had learnt) and what he was grateful for. So I decided to start a journal instead of a diary and start writing positive pieces, lists of what I was grateful for etc. I decided to share some of these pieces on instagram which had  positive results and people found them helpful. So I decided to start writing to help people and share my pieces with the public.

About the site.

I decided to start this website to reach a wider audience as all my work was posted on instagram alone. This website includes everything I enjoy doing which i want to share with you. From my journal pieces which will hopeully inspire and motivate you. Reviews of the latest books I am reading and not to forget food pictures because well everyone loves food pictures.


Difference between my instagram and website.

The website should shed some more light on my work and expand futher on my pieces.

So welcome to the journals, writings and ramblings of a misguided indian. Happy reading and I hope you enjoy. Peace and joy to you all.


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